We use existing data, machine learning and workflow integration to aid clinical staff to deliver proactive and individualized care

We leverage AI to solve real health-care problems


We create, develop, validate and scale AI products that solve real problems in the health care domain and help people live healthier lives. We partner with health care providers, medical technology companies and mobile app builders to reach as many people as possible. High performance, cutting edge AI technology, daily workflow incorporation and intuitive user experience reduce costs and increase quality for our customers.

We have experience in Medicine,
Back-end IT and Artificial Intelligence

We understand you. We work with you. Our combined experience allows us to deliver predictive and diagnostic tools that create valuable insights. We help you to move these predictive insights into actionable changes to better organize and deliver health care. We constantly optimize these tools for you to satisfy the latest technical and medical standards.

Close partnership

We offer

Reliable & validated products

High performance

Use-based cost

Intuitive design

Our team


Chief Executive Officer


Chief Operations Offficer


Chief Technology Officer


Product Manager


Junior Data Scientist

Prof Michael Pinsky

Professor of Critical Care

Tim Bruenjes

Director Sales

Dr Emma Bruns

Surgery Resident, Writer